Fast & Secure Move is Our Promise

Fast & Secure Move is Our Promise

Fast Delivery Less than 3 Hours

Fast Delivery Less than 3 Hours

Same-city Delivery in less than 3 Hours

Same-city Delivery in less than 3 Hours

Pickup & Delivery any Documents

Pickup & Delivery any Documents

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our Services

Domestic courier service all over India

All Type of courier or Parsal we Deliver.

Urgent Delivery of Spare Parts, Electronic Components,etc.

SMES, Pharma Companies, Engineering Companies / Fabricators Traders.

On-Demand Deliveries of Garments or Textiles

Boutiques, Fashion Designers, Individuals for all age Group Same Day Local Delivery.

Instant Pickup & Delivery of Personal Gadgets, Documents etc.

Passports / Laptop Charger / Hard Disk etc. Forgotten at Home or Office.

Pickup and Delivery of Important Documents

Insurance companies / Agents, Bank, Lawyers, Importers / Exporters, Shipping Companies.

Quick Delivery of Food Items to Your Doorsteps

Cakes / Sweets for Your Loved Ones, Your Favorite Dishes from Iconic Restaurants.

about us

With the rise of the “on-demand delivery” economy model, the expectations of customers regarding the timely delivery of parcels at their own convenience are sky-high. This puts companies in a position where they must have a reliable, speedy courier service to deliver goods/services to customers. Additionally, today’s generation of millennials, who are more focused on their careers have very little time to run even their own errands. This was the train of thought which prompted our co-founder to come up with an on-demand logistics service to address these pain points. Destinationz Courier was incorporated with an aim of doing things differently in the on-demand logistics services domain. Be it companies or retail customers, we focus on the intra-city logistics requirements of both. Our solutions for different segments are devised based on an integrated technology platform which has the provision of virtual hubs, and this enables us to deliver reliable, effective services.

Tracking of your parcel

Pick Up Deliver
Instant Pickup 96%
Local Delivery Network 100%
Automated Alerts 99%
Real-Time Tracking 94%

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